“A single, seemingly powerless person who dares to cry out the word of truth and to stand behind it with all his person and all his life, ready to pay a high price, has surprisingly greater power, though formally disfranchised, than do thousands of anonymous voters.”    Havel  – Artist and Revolutionary Leader Czechosolvakia

These rare and divinely inspired people  emerge in every generation.   They are ahead of their times , they see the world as it could be and  they fight for that dream, knowing the risks.  At every turn they know they may be blocked and yet they continue. 

To Boldly Go

Driven by some divine inspiration, they fear neither death, imprisonment, poverty or disenfranchisement because their own interest is secondary to the driver to contribute to a better world for now and in the future.   They are the Star Trek pathfinders.

They open people’s senses to what is really going on and they shine a light on the path to what’s possible.  And it is through the memory of their bravery in standing up and being counted that we find our own strength .

What would you give your life to?

 Is there some idea, cause, belief that you would devote your life to ?  We can only ponder under what circumstances we would stand up, be counted and face the direst consequences of breaking out of current thinking paradigms.             

Every day we are being asked to make a choice.  We are given the choice to support that which we don’t agree with or to stand up and say ‘I challenge this’.

Being True to YOU

There’s an episode of House, the 4th Season, where one of the candidates for a position in the dept of diagnostic medicine under House agreed with House’s diagnosis  even though he was sure House was wrong.   Why? He was being filmed for a TV documentary.  He said later that it would ruin his chances of a career if his future employers saw him being disagreeable. 

Of course the character evolves as his ‘shameful’ secret is revealed and he is no longer able to hide behind the mask he created.   Through this process he learns to stand up and accept himself and value his opinions…  He becomes honest, he dares to differ and as a result House hires him.   He’s also a damned fine diagnostician!

Do The Right Thing

We all have our own sense of integrity of what is the right thing to do and what is not.  The Native Americans have the ‘one law’.   The law is to always consider other and the greater good in every action we take.   I’d add another ‘rule’.      Follow your deepest fascinations and that which you feel naturally drawn to do.   Like this we can evolve.

Insinuation v Revolution

Every day we have opportunities to do the right thing.  And sometimes the right thing is not always direct protest.

 Because there are times when it is more effective to  flow with the system gently the way the water soaks into the earth nurturing and reviving it and encouraging new growth by just being water and doing what water is meant to do.   

Follow Your Fascinations

We all have purpose, meaning and a unique set of gifts that are our contribution to the world.   When we follow our fascinations, our joy and our bliss we will sow the seeds for the future through our unique contribution to the world.

 Dream the World Into Being

In the midst of these seemingly chaotic and exoponentially, rapidly evolving times, did you ever stop to wonder what kind of world you’d like to leave behind for the next generation and the next and the next and what unique gift you have to offer the future?   

Jacque Fresco did.  This 83 year old French designer and futurist, dreamed a design for a world that is technologically and socially possible, fair to and respectful of all life, virtually crime free and where law is not necessary.  This world is a paradise of creativity and technological evolution for the betterment of all mankind and the entire system we are part of…

 Proposal for A New World

Visit The Venus Project


Wanna know what he has proposed?  

www.thevenusproject.com  An amazing design for the future

 www.thezeitgeistmovement.com  Join with others to create a world fit for all life, present and future  more than 250,000 members worldwide.   

PS Even if this world does not come into being in our time here on earth, imagine what seeds of potential we can sow for the generations to come.

PPPS We are tenants of this earth and there is an unspoken harmonic agreement that says in return for our tenancy we agree to leave the property in good shape for the next tenants.

he-EarthlogoAs every day brings new stories of chaos and challenges, we are drawn to consider these emerging values for a more harmonic life on Earth. 

This is no dream.  What we forsee is what is naturally emerging in the face of global shifts.




When the majority begins to realize that those our current leaders are not evolutionarily mature enough to hold the positions they think they merit, power will be divested to those people who are conscious enough to understand that leadership is a stewardship, a sacred assignment to be used only for the greater good.

Leaders will be selected because their actions have shown them to be worthy stewards of all life on earth.

Like this they will be able to direct efficiently and wisely the urgent process of returning to earth and rebuilding our world


As the challenges of the current system begins to affect more and more people, human compassion will surface in the face of loss and sadness. As more and more people begin to vibrate love in the face of hatred, fear, and loss, Love will emerge as a dominant force.


As access to information becomes more widely available global consciousness is already expanding. The mankind will make more informed decisions and begin thinking and acting from our core with integrity and consideration for the greater good


Action will increase as awakened people throughout the world step-up their efforts towards laying the foundations for a renewed, more harmonious and sustainable world. As a result of their pathfinder accomplishments, others will be inspired to awaken and take up the mantle of their own action.


As we find ourselves increasingly beset by severely challenging situations, the inner urge and need to band together with others and live in harmonic cooperation will emerge.

People will desire and demand right human relationships as a natural way of life. Community spirit will revive as our lives become more localized.


When more and more systems falter or become uneconomically viable, people will be nudged to explore simpler more natural activities. We will find ourselves being nurtured by nature as we return to earthly pursuits such as camping.

The more time we spend in simple pursuits such as sitting round a fire with others the quicker we will lose our addiction to passive diversions such as watching TV.

We will learn to be more delighted by nature and people as we engage in wood gathering, camp fire cooking, conversation, laughter, dance, music making and storytelling.


Persistence will emerge as a dominant human characteristic in the face of greater trials . This will be prompted by an increased awareness that time IS running out.

More people will get that we must act now if we are to preserve the earth for future generations


As the mankind experiences increasing shortfalls in the material supply system, the creative spirit will be activated to design and adopt alternative renewable energy sources, new ways of food culture, ecological shelter building, non pollutant transport, natural healing and intentional community structure.

Organization will emerge harmonically to support and facilitate a symbiotic system as the mankind begins to let go of the need to control and dominate and recognize and accept his role as an integral part of all that is.

Thought for the Day

“One enlightened thought can change your whole day. One thought of appreciation, joy or gratitude can change your whole internal state. One enlightened thought can turn a half empty glass into a half full one, a challenge into an opportunity, and a stranger into a friend. One enlightened thought can open your heart and clear your vision of the future. So why not think one, just one, go on!” Steve Nobel

You can make a difference

If you are reading this, then you are a pathfinder; you have started the awakening process and with that awakening comes a responbibility to share what you know with others.

with love and blessings

Sunny and Pierre Soleil

Creative Life Foundation
Harmonic Emergence – Return 2 Earth H.E.R.E.

Hello YOU,

How did you get yourself here?  What led you to click on our link? 

Maybe you’re interested in alternative technologies and human consciousness emergence and ways of helping to create a better world out of the current chaos.  If so, you’re with like minds.


We believe that, as the Mayans foresaw, human consciousness is expanding.  The Mayans also predicted that this expansion would be exponential.  

Simply put, major societal and technological changes happen more and more rapidly as we expand.   What took 60 years to come to fruition 200 yrs ago, takes one year currently. 

No wonder we feel so unstable.   Humans don’t like change. The system is programmed to maintain biological stasis so physically we initially feel discomfort as we experience new things.

But change is inevitable and the rapid increase is also inevitable.  The internet has seen to that. 

We are all being made more aware that the world is experiencing turbulence, chaos and instability.

More and more people are waking up to what’s going on and more and more people are unable to ignore the evidence.     Once out of the Matrix, we cannot forget.   Once we see the illusion we live in no matter how much we try to crawl back, we can’t do so comfortably.   It ain’t easy this waking up stuff!  

We believe that we need to act now to ensure that the world becomes a place that is sustainable and ecological for all life forms.   

For this to happen we need new systems of shelter and bulding, economy, energy, transport, community and we need to continue to spread the word and wake up the mass consciousness.

We have two choices here. We continue as we are making tiny efforts to recycle, buy organic and kid ourselves that it is enough or we work towards evolving different systems and implementing a new and more effective, adaptable, harmonic, symbiotic systems that works for for all life on earth.

What we have to do may be very different from what we are doing now.  The current system isn’t working.  Will we continue to patch it up and pretend it’s all OK or will we open our eyes and see that big changes are imperative.

We encourage you to consider what kind of world you want to create and what you want to leave for the future.     

What would have to happen for all people to have access to shelter, nutritious food, wellness, education, community and non dogmatic spiritual guidance.  It is through our combined imaginations and a willingness to let go of how things are done that we will create something amazing.

We encourage you to take the leap and answer the call to adventure that each of us has, including YOU.    What is your bliss, your fascination?  Follow this and you will contribute more powerfully to the world and it’s continuance.

There are people out there into natural building, creating shelters and entire villages from local natural products using techniques like cob and strawbale.  

There are people inventing engines that run on compressed air, magnets, and the fat from the local diner.  

Others are actively using and promoting natural wellness products that keep us healthy and well and lessen our dependence on pharma.

Many are promoting spiritual paths that lead to humans waking up and becoming more human.   There are also those who are actively harnessing mass human mind power to effect changes on a global scale.  

Some are saying that free energy for all is viable and that we could all go off the grid.    

Futurists are seeing the end of the monetary based economy and proposing concepts such as resource based economy. 

Groups of people are banding together to create intentional communities or learn to live in a more inclusive way, moving away from dependence on nuclear family and creating communal and even global family.

And there is considerable resistance to this from the ‘afraid to change’ factor.    Change will happen, either we will let it happen to us or we will actively engage in making this a world we’re all proud to live in where all are taken care of.  It IS possible.  Don’t let them tell you it is not!

We believe that humans need to increase their connection to the earth, both physically and in an awareness that this earth is our nurturer and she’s piss*d.    Hurricanes, tornados, typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, global warming, melting polar caps are signs that the earth is SICK and trying to right things.    

When you spend more time camping in the forests, without gadgets and widgets, you will feel this connection and the sense of peace and balance it brings to your life.

Our aim is purely to encourage people to look at and explore new ways of living, alternative technology and proposals for wellness, shelter, economy, community, transport and consciousness expansion.

We will blog on all these topics and welcome comments and ideas for how we can all make the world a fitter place for life now and in the future.

with love and blessings

Sunny and Pierre Soleil

Alternative Research Consortium – online resource to alternative technologies and philosophy